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EROTIK ARBEIT- SCHWEIZ -Top Verdienstmöglichkeiten

Erotik Stellen Erotikjob Anzeigen | Hostessen- / Terminwohnungen & Immobilien Markt für SexarbeiterInnen | #Kollegin Rotlicht Markt DE | RSS-Feed


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Arbeiten in bester Lage - Frankfurt/Offenbach - #Kollegin

Arbeiten in bester Lage - Frankfurt/Offenbach Erotikjob Anzeigen | Hostessen- / Terminwohnungen & Immobilien Markt für SexarbeiterInnen | #Kollegin Rotlich...


Rooms in the Eroscenter Waiblingen - #Sexjobs and rentals #Kollegin

Eroscenter Waiblingen- under new female management !!

Waiblingen: Eroscenter Waiblingen- under new female management !!

Sympathetic, sophisticated women who have completed their 18th year with that certain “something” are very welcome! Our 40 room house has been one of the best known and best houses in Germany for over 20 years. Thanks to correct service without rip-offs, we constantly have a very good run. In addition, we adjust the number of occupied rooms to the season and exceptional circumstances, so that very good money can be earned in our house even in off-season and exceptional times. All our premises are equipped with air conditioning! We offer you a safe and attractive atmosphere, as well as appreciative manners. Furthermore: • A rich, delicious and healthy hot/cold breakfast buffet free of charge – daily from 9.50 am to 2.30 pm • Well-groomed and friendly working conditions • Beautiful rooms with TV, telephone, air conditioning and some with private bathrooms • Information board on the room door • Free WIFI • Fixed daily rent • Free organization of working hours, of course • Safe in the room • Video surveillance in corridors and lounges • The possibility of card payments for guests • Alarm possibility in the room • Advertising, if you wish • Free professional photo shoots if you don't have your own photos or want to update them • Concierge service • Daily house cleaning • Sufficient free parking spaces available • A 65 sqm fully equipped kitchen is also available for self-cooking, as well as a women-only lounge with sofas and big-screen TVs. • A lounge open to the corridors for guests with sofas, large-screen TV and slot machines, which can also be used by women to hang out and socialize with guests. • Shops can be reached in just 5 minutes • Beverage dispensing, food and taxi ordering service • Own solarium in the house • Free sleeping facilities in the house Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 10:00 am - 02:00 am and Friday to Saturday 10:00 am - 04:00 am. Are you likeable, sophisticated, have you reached the age of 18 and have that certain "something"? Are your working papers complete and up-to-date? Then we look forward to your call... Our homepage is currently being rebuilt and will soon be published in a new ambience. Telephone: 0049 7151-965696 or 0049 7151-50 000 10 Email: Eros Center Team Waiblingen Gastro Immo GmbH Düsseldorfer Strasse 4 D-71332 Waiblingen Telephone: 07151-50 000 10 Fax: 07151 - 50 000 172
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Festive Ladies Wanted - Long Term Rental - Immediately - #Sexjobs and rentals #Kollegin

Festive Ladies Wanted - Long Term Rental - Immediately

Neustadt an der Weinstraße: Festive Ladies Wanted - Long Term Rental - Immediately

We are looking for 1-2 ladies for our top address in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. You work on a self-employed basis and on your own account. The central location of our address offers TOP earning opportunities. 4,000 € / week are quite possible here. Our extravagantly furnished and newly furnished apartment will leave nothing to be desired.
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